Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We're all awaiting our Hepatitis A test results. Not a lot of fun. Pat O'Brien is oblivious to everyone being pissed off at him for possibly exposing us to the virus.

"Yo, Ad-Rock!" he said to me during mid-morning yoga. "Think of the goodwill that will come our way if we do have Hep-a-tits."

He's been pronouncing it like that all the time. Nobody has laughed yet.

"I bet the Make-A-Wish people will finally grant me my wish," he said.

I told him that from what I knew about the organization they primarily grant wishes to children that are terminally ill.

"Yeah, well, whatever," he said. "Grown ups have dreams, too. Hey, want to hear mine?"

I told him I did not.

"Me, Cheryl Ladd, and the DVD box set of season 3 of Friends on the Space Shuttle."

I ignored him and instead concentrated on my upward facing dog pose.

"That shit would be so tight," he said.

And then he buried his face into his hands and cried.


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yours just involves Irene Cara.

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