Friday, February 22, 2008


Made some progress in group yesterday. Realized that I can’t use my family as an excuse. They may be crazy and domineering and crazy and manipulative and very, very, crazy and bonkers and crazy, but until I take ownership of my addiction I’m not going to get any better.

“Debbie” and “Tony” took some steps in group yesterday too. “Debbie” recognized that her destructive pattern of alcohol and barbiturate abuse is largely related to her destructive pattern of dangerous public sex with transients. And “Tony” admitted he wears large animal costumes because he can’t face looking at his real self. Also because it’s easier to hide his weed in them.

Even Pat O’Brien made some progress; he acknowledged that he puts on way more cologne than necessary. Okay, perhaps that won’t help him towards his recovery, but at least we won’t have to cover our faces whenever he enters a room. I can't put into words what a big relief this is.


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