Monday, February 11, 2008

The Grammys

We all watched the Grammys together last night. As awards shows go it was okay, I guess. I could have done with a lot less commentary from Pat O'Brien, though. During Amy Winehouse's acceptance speech for record of the year he tried to convince us that all the names of people she was thanking were really code for him.

So she'd be like, "Thanks Ray Ray and John..."

And Pat O'Brien would be like, "Me and me..."

Then she'd say, "Thanks to my mum and dad and my Blake - my incarcerated Blake..."

And he'd say, "Me and me and incarcerated me..."

It was annoying. I wanted to run away.

"Amy's a sweet girl," Pat O'Brien told us. "We've shared many a pipe backstage in Mary Hart's walk-in closet at ET. You know, Mary hides a family of Columbians in there. They're good people. Can drug mule with the best of them. At any rate, I hope Amy is getting the help she needs. That bitch is bonkers."


Blogger Swami Ji said...

now I realize what Amy was REALLY trying to tell us...she thought they were gonna make her go to rehab with Pat O'Brien! I'd say 'no, no, no' too if I were her! (sorry I couldn't help myself...surprised nobody else thought of it, though?)

PS- love your blog, except for the part where I spit tea out of my nose while laughing hysterically (note to not take in ANY form of liquids while readind "reha with P.O.B!) Got the link from your buddy Chez Pazienza over at Deus Ex Malcontent...great stuff and good luck with the rehab thingy!

9:45 PM  
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