Saturday, February 16, 2008


Pat O'Brien is still just as tough as ever to beat at checkers. We played seven games this morning and I only managed to win once. He's an intimidating competitor, constantly tugging on his mustache, looking at you like he wants to kickbox your face in.

I asked him if he was pretending I was Mark McGrath again. In the past he's told me that to pump himself up he pretends he's playing against his rival.

"No, Mark and I have buried the hatchet. He's good people," Pat O'Brien said.

I told him that was a relief to hear because I could play my Sugar Ray songs on my iPod without worrying about him asking me what I was listening to.

"Instead I pretend you're Billy Bush," he said, his game face still clearly on. "Billy Bush and syphilis."

His intensity disturbed me, but as far as causes to defeat go, it was hard to argue with his targets.


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