Monday, March 21, 2005

Tuna casserole for dinner. It was all right. Pat O'Brien sat next to me. The guy talks your ear off. He told many stories about hanging out with Wesley Snipes. Not sure if I believe them all .

I didn't like the way Pat O'Brien looked at me after he told about the time he partied at Skybar with "Wes." It's like he was waiting for me to tell him how impressed I was. He must think he has something to prove. It's kind of sad. But because I've been trying to be better about being a more supportive person, I gave him a half-assed "Wow." That seemed to be enough for him.

I looked to see if Sheryl Anne had noticed the nice thing I had done, but she was too busy helping "Flo" reign in her monkey assistant to notice.

Damn monkey assistant.


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