Monday, March 21, 2005

Pat O'Brien has the room next to mine. I went over and welcomed him. He was unpacking. He put a picture of Mary Hart next to his bed.

I remember Pat O'Brien from when he worked the CBS Sports desk during the NCAA Basketball Tournament. That was close to 15 years ago. I asked him who he liked in this year's tourney.

"Wake Forest!" he said emphatically while grooming his moustache.

Because I've been working on not giving in to destructive temptation, I tried hard not to tell Pat O'Brien that Wake Forest had lost over the weekend. But after a couple of seconds I broke down and gave him the bad news.

Then Pat O'Brien buried his face in his hands and cried.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

Pat still does some sports, appearing on Fox Sports Radio's "Morning Extravaganza" with Van Earl Wright, Andrew Siciliano, and Krystal Fernandez.

Perhaps he's hoping that Krystal will develop an addiction also.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Richpoo said...

I have a eastern mountain sports site. It pretty much covers eastern mountain sports related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)

10:41 PM  

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